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000 children ar▓e currently suffering from severe acute malnutrition, a nearly 200 percent increase since 2014.This year, UNICEF is working with partners to provide ther▓apeutic treatment to 220,000 severely malnourished children in Nigeria, over

200,▓000 severely malnourished children in South Sudan,▓ more than 200,000 severely malnourishe

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d children in Soma▓lia, and 320,000 children in Yemen, the UN agency said.Pl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease ▓scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatPianist Lang Lang plays for rural le▓ft-behind childrenPianist Lang Lang plays for rural left-behind childrenPianist Lang Lang plays ▓for rural left-b

children live. The total▓ number of food insecure people across the co

ehind children01-11-2017 07:03 BJTChinese piano virtuoso Lang Lang has given a co

untry is expected to rise from 4.9 million to 5.5 million at the hei

ncert to raise funds for rural left-behind ▓children in Gansu Province. The intern

ght of the lean season in July if nothing is done to▓ curb the severity

ationally-acclaimed ▓pianist played works by Debussy's B▓allade and Chopin at the

two-hour c▓oncert Sunday in the Hui autonomous prefect

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